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Q. How much does it cost ?
A. Prices vary depending on the amount of damage your vehicle has sustained. Generally the charges are a small fraction of the cost of a conventional body shop. Retail customers prices start from as little as £45. For trade customers multi vehicle discounts are available.

Q. Is There A Call Out Charge ?
A. No, If the technician arrives and is unable to repair the dent then there is no charge.

Q. What Are The Advantages Of PDR Over Body Shop ?
A. PDR ensures that the original paint on your vehicle will be preserved.

Q. How Long Does It Take ? 
A. Repair times vary, but an average repair takes from 30 to 60 minutes. Big repairs can be in excess of 1 hour depending on the size and access points.

Q. What Size Dents Can You Fix ? 
A. There is no exact size limitation but the technology is based on minor repairs!

Q. What Will It Look Like When You Have Done ?
A. The final results are in direct proportion to what you have worked with; the smaller the dent the more likely it is to be perfect. 

Q. Will the paint crack ?
A. There is possibility with a very small minority of dents that the paint may fracture or the lacquer may blister slightly, this can be dependant on the location of the dent i.e. if it's on a hard part of the panel such as the curve or the swage line, however we would anticipate this when giving our estimate and pre warn you in advance giving you the choice as to whether or not you have the dent removed.


Areas covered by DentMeister, Based in Wigan we cover the following areas:

Warrington, Frodsham, Chester, Rainford, Leyland, Worsley, Stockport, Altrincham, Wilmslow, Knutsford and any area in between

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